ECE 457 Multilayer and MEMS Reports

The most memorable course from my University of Alberta experience was easily ECE 457 - Microfabrication and Devices. This course covers many of the techniques used in the fabrication of MEMS and microelectronic devices. The lectures provide detailed descriptions and steps of the processes used in the deposition and etching of layers but the lab is where the course really stands out. There are weekly lab sections throughout the term where students don bunny suits and get the privilege of using the University of Alberta NanoFAB facilities to fabricate their own MEMS and multilayer wafers.

The general process of the two lab projects(MEMS and MultiLayer) was to spend a few lab sections depositing and etching layers on the wafer in NanoFAB, followed by a lab section or two in the characterization lab analyzing the results.

The price of this opportunity -- besides increasingly outrageous tuition -- is that two large reports must be written summarizing the process and detailing results.

Below are the two reports that I wrote. They were a lot of work but completely worth it. They likely aren't super fun to read in detail but they include some nice calculations, photos, charts, and graphics showing the processes used.


Fabrication of MEMS, analysis of fabrication techniques and results.



Fabrication of a number of microelectronic devices(resistors, inductors, capacitors) and analysis of their electrical characteristics.


Bonus Images


Graphic for NWNHT vs. RafaM2020 game
An idea of the scale being worked on, gaps with a width of 0.0000015m(0.0015mm)(1.5um).
Graphic for NWNHT vs. RafaM2020 game
Resistance Gauge - Microscope
Resistance Gauge with Damage - Scanning Electron Microscope
Thin Spiral Spring - Microscope
Thin Spiral Spring - Scanning Electron Microscope
Thick Spiral Spring - Microscope
Thick Spiral Spring - Scanning Electron Microscope
Electrostatically Activated Tweezers - Scanning Electron Microscope
University of Alberta Logo - Scanning Electorn Microscope


Sudoku - Microscope
Alignment Marks - Microscope
Alignment Mark Topology - Interferometer
Alignment Mark Topology - Interferometer
Result of Above Sub-Optimal Alignment - Microscope
Result of Above Sub-Optimal Alignment - Interferometer