Advent of Code Statistics - 2022

I have really been enjoying the 2022 Advent of Code created by Eric Wastl. For the unfamiliar, this is the combination of an advent calendar and Leetcode programming puzzles mixed with a lot of imaginative storytelling. This is my first year participating and I am clearly not contending for the leaderboard but I have been able to keep up.

I have done a number of programming puzzles but I find that they incentivize quick and dirty solutions to just get to the next one. The forced slow pace of a single two part puzzle per day allows you to take time and not feel forced to create the bare minimum.

Besides the actual puzzles I was intrigued to see that there are Leaderboard and Stats pages which provide puzzle completion times and puzzle completion counts for each day since the calendar began in 2015. I don't have much else to say here but I have had some fun with numbers below.

A consistent colour scheme is kept for years through the plots. This year, 2022, is red and the mean of all of the results is white. Completion of the first part of the puzzle is represented by the solid line and the second part is represented by the dashed line.

Total Completions

PlayerCountMacro Plot

Total Completions - Final Days

PlayerCountMacro Plot

Normalized Player Retention

NormalizedPlayerRetentionMacro Plot

Normalized Player Retention - Final Days

NormalizedPlayerRetentionMacro Plot

Puzzle Part Completion Ratio

CompletionRatio Plot

These next plots include times that are pulled from the top 100 leaderboards. They are only representative of the absolute highest echelon of contendors but it is all the data I can get. The times are still useful indicators of the difficulty of the problems though time consuming problems don't always mean difficult problems.

Completion Time: 2019-2022

CompletionTime19-22 Plot

Completion Time 2022

CompletionTime2022 Plot

Completion Time History

CompletionTimeMacro Plot